Wednesday, November 18, 2009

CSA season ends

Today's Soups are Creamy Tomato Basil Soup (vegetarian) and African Peanut Soup (vegetarian). I'm also making a soup with the Romanesco Broccoli I got from the CSA this week. They call it Cosmic Cauliflower for obvious reasons.

We still have some of the Weenie Panini (which got very nice review from customers) and really, is one day enough to properly celebrate such a great guy?

Yesterday was our last pick up of CSA from One Straw Farm. Mostly, it has been a positive experience. Usually I shop for ingredients with a more-or-less specific purpose in mind - to make soup or to grill for example. I found myself approaching the CSA pick-up each Tuesday with a completely different paradigm. Typically I would pick one main vegetable - often one that I had little or no experience preparing, then go about doing a bit of research online. This approach has made me a better and more adventurous cook. Dishes I probably would have never tried turned out fantastic like the roasted chard salad.

There are a lot of farms that offer CSA (believe it or not, there is a wool CSA in New England that raises fleece for fiber artists). Look around and see if there isn't one you'd like to join.