Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!

Today's soups are Pumpkin Black Bean (vegan) and Sausage Kidney Bean Chowder.

How nice is it to be back?! Missed you folks but, frankly, enjoyed the time off). So tell...were you on the Nice List? I got yummy cookies from Jack's mom and baklava from Ren, so it's pretty clear who is on my nice list ;-) Highlights from my holiday include receiving a great fuzzy blanket that my 15-year old niece Alex made (brought a tear to this ol' crafter's eye I tell you), a great basket from my brother Charles, tons of music from brother William and a Kindle from Santa.

The renovation/expansion of the cafe commenced over the holidays and the newly improved kitchen space looks great. A crew came in on Saturday to clean up the construction mess and get a head start on food prep for today. We're here. We're ready for you. Come and get it!