Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday Specials

Beef Chili with cheese (optional)
Potato Leek Soup,
Italian Vegetable Soup, vegan

The Rowhouse Panini - sundried-tomato-basil cream cheese, crunchy sprouts, cucumbers, sliced red onion, swiss cheese all on a toasty ciabatta sub roll.

Seems spring lept right past us and hellooooo summer! No doubt rainy days and cool evenings are still ahead, but I feel a bit like a crocus - daring the frost not to miss the sun. This time of year we see a dramatic increase in business, weddings and graduations to cater, as well as the Charles Village Festival this year.

And if all that weren't exciting enough, I'm moving. Back to Charles Village! When the fraternity bought our fabulous apartment building, not long after the cafe opened, I "temporarily" moved in with a friend. It's been four years of living a half-unpacked life and feeling a bit like a sofa-surfer. As is often the case, when I acknowledged the need a wonderful opportunity presented itself.

For the past few weeks I've been merrily picking out lighting fixtures, bathroom fixtures, flooring, etc. as the handy men work at giving this gorgeous Victorian a much overdue face lift. From repairing/replastering walls to refinishing the parquet floors not a corner has been left untouched.

But there's a catch.

The world's smallest kitchen. Put a refrigerator, sink and an oven in a small walk-in closet and you've got an idea what I'm talking about. So rather than bemoaning the situation (after all New Yorkers and Parisiennes manage) it's my latest challenge. A change in environment is a great time to make a change in habits and patterns. Other than creative use of space, one of the things I hope to do it take greater advantage of the local markets. Buying smaller amounts more often and menu planning with an eye toward what's in season. be continued.