Saturday, November 16, 2013

Saturday, Park it at Carma's

new  Cafe Creme Brulee
Mayan Hot Cocoa
Warm Mulled Apple Cider
we now have Almond Milk

brunch that is 

Pumpkin Pie Crepes w/ Maple Cream
  -- made with Carma's intense apple butter
Ham & Gruyere Crepes

double waffle for $3
Cinnamon Toast
Chocolate Chip
Belgian Waffle
-- homemade muffins -- scones -- egg sandwiches 
-- in-house Best granola -- icelandic style yogurt 
-- Irish oatmeal -- fresh squeezed orange juice 
-- frittata -- Xander Bagel

Robert Eggplant Panino
marinated grilled eggplant, basil aioli, mozzarella, roasted red peppers, and mesclun on ciabatta
Olivander Panino -- it's magical (sorry)
Han, Olive Cream Cheese, last of the local tomatoes all grilled on Ciabatta
Grilled Cheese on Sourdough
w/ a combination of cheddar, provolone, and havarti cheeses

Creamy Tomato Basil (vegetarian)  
Moroccan Chick Pea & Tomato (vegan)

Ally made Rocky Road Bars
with Aaron's homemade marshmallows

today's special marshmallow is amazing
-- creme brulee (burnt sugar) marshmallow