Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Carnivore's delight in Lisbon (Maryland, not Portugal)

Today's specials are the Pesto Caprese and the Spicy Jack panini.

Another Sunday morning run out to Larriland primarily for more sour cherries, but we picked purple raspberries, black raspberries and beets as well. For those of you who are pick-your-own neophytes here are a few suggestions of things to pack:
• a water bottle. A couple hours out in a field picking berries can really work up a thirst.
• a hat to keep the sun off of your face and out of your eyes.
• if you are going to be picking berries that grown in brambles (like raspberries), gloves and a long sleeve shirt would be handy.
• if you have to time to kick back and relax out in the country or by the pond, bring your iPod, a good book and/or a friend.

A super picnic can be picked up at Town Grill Smokehouse Sandwich Shop, just a mile or two before you get to the farm. You'd never guess this unassuming place, which shares real estate with a Citgo gas station, would serve up some of the best barbecue I've had in a long time. Michael had this sweet little sandwich sampler, cole slaw and hand-cut fries (the Mix & Match 3 Slider Sampler for $7.99); I had a bun piled high with smoked brisket, sauce on the side (Smokehouse Meat Sandwich $5.79), and hand dipped onion rings ($3.49). Without a doubt this is the best food I've ever eaten, a) overlooking a chewing tabacco display, and b) where my car could get filled up while I did.

When you take I-70 to MD-94 south, go to the round about; Larriland Farm is a couple of miles south on MD-94, Town Grill is just east of the round about on MD-144. I should also mention they open very early, 6 am Monday through Friday, 8 am Saturday and Sunday and have an interesting breakfast menu, so if you find yourself heading west out of town this would be a good place to stop for a bite. They also close relatively early - 7:30 during the week, 6 pm Saturday and 4 pm Sunday.