Saturday, July 25, 2009

Saturday's baked treats

How about Cranberry Pecan Scones, Crumble Coffee Cake and Tart Cherry Coffee Cake? Of course we also have Blueberry Muffins and I'm just getting ready to start a Spoonbread which should be ready by 10 or so.

: South Western Spoonbread should be coming out of the oven any time now. It is sweet peppers, scallions and mushroom baked in a cornmeal custard.

I will come back and update for today's lunch special as soon as I come up with one! But no later than 10:30am .....

Today we are having the Turkey "Saladsandwich" - Sliced, roasted turkey breast, sprouts, cucumbers, red onion and dressing on a toasted ciabatta sub roll. It is Alicia's go-to sandwich for something cool, crisp and healthy.