Thursday, July 9, 2009

Looking ahead

Introducing...... The Rowhouse - sun-dried-tomato-basil-cream cheese with cucumbers, sprouts, lettuce, red onions, and swiss cheese on a toasted ciabatta sub roll. The CSA special of Roasted Ratatouille with Green Basmati and Michael's Summer Borscht with lemon crème fraîche (vegetarian) are both getting rave reviews.

In a couple of weeks the first of the local peaches will be coming in and I have pickled peaches on my mind. It's been years since I had one, probably the last time Mom or Granny put some up and that was ........ well never mind. Suffice it to say many, many years ago. They are sweet and tangy and heavily spiced with cinnamon sticks and cloves - tasty right out of the jar but make a great side for pork chops. And although I've never tried it, I bet a Pickled Peach Salsa would be delicious with country ham.

Today I am going to finish making cherry pie filling and call my friends at Penzey's to order cinnamon sticks. When the unbearable heat of August overtakes us, a plate of ham biscuits, potato salad and pickled peaches with a big glass of iced tea on the terrace with a Walker Percy novel will be just the thing. Ah lawd, I'm getting my belle on.......