Monday, August 17, 2009

Food/Fiber Find


Spicy Jack Panino -- turkey, grilled red onions, spicy colby jack cheese, and tiger sauce. Make it vegetarian by replacing the turkey with hummus. Yummo.


Every now and then I run across a place so unexpected it makes me giddy. Really. The initial urge is to jump up and down clapping my hands and giggling. That's some visual isn't it? Anyway, Anne and I were off an a yarn safari Saturday afternoon when, in the middle of the suburban serengeti, we found a wonderful cafe!

Nora Cafe is located at 8450 Baltimore Nation Pike in a strip mall that has seen better days, but my jaw dropped when we walked through the door. This European-style restaurant has an extensive menu, an amazing pastry case and is a delightful environment to enjoy the company of a friend, do a bit of knitting or haul out the laptop to get some work done.

We both had salads that were large and fresh. The grilled chicken on my Caesar salad was well seasoned and moist. We split a very large linzer cookie (and I had a very respectable macciato) that was that much sweeter because of the charming baker that took so much pride in his product.

If you are a knitter or crocheter, Large Marge's Yarn Shop is in the adjoining plaza and is worth the trip. She has a nice selection of yarn, some of which I haven't seen at other stores in the area. The shop is huge which makes it appear a bit sparse until you realize what a nice assortment of colors in every weight of yarn is in stock, plus some of the more boutique yarns. In the back of the store is a knitter's family room complete with couches and arm chairs where the shop holds movie night.