Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What's your favorite way to eat a fresh tomato?

Roasted Pork Loin Sandwich with Fresh Peach Chutney and Swiss Cheese is on the menu today, as well as Watermelon Limeade.

Just a heads up. Today is market day and fresh tomatoes are at the top of my shopping list. Can BLTs be far behind?

Michael was saying just the other day that about one time each year he buys a loaf of squishy white bread and gorges himself on tomato mayonnaise sandwiches.

As far as I'm concerned, there is no bad way to eat a good, fresh, raw tomato. A thick slice of tomato, still warm from the vine on a hot, buttered biscuit with lots of cracked pepper is one of my favorites (and Granny's too). Of course hollowed out and stuffed with cottage cheese, chicken salad or tuna salad is also a classic summer "diet" lunch.

A fresh baguette, tomato slices, a chiffonade of basil with Mr. Mastellone's fresh mozzarella and a bit of best quality olive oil makes a first rate, dead sexy picnic (it is called the apple of love or
pomme d'amour). And although the Mastellones have retired, I believe the cheese is still made fresh daily. The "new" owners are the fine people of DiPasquale's, another venerable Baltimore family-owned grocer.

I'd like to encourage you to tuck a salt shaker in your pocket when heading to the farmers market this week. Park your rear end on a curb and sit there eatting your tomato out-of-hand just like an apple. If you are really fortunate, there might be just a hint of garden dust still clinging to the fruit.