Thursday, March 12, 2009

But seriously though......

"What's in the Gypsy Soup?," asks a customer.
"Well, first we wait for a band of young, tender gypsies to come through town....."

I know, it's a bit like the two muffins in an oven joke, but around here muffins in the oven are no laughing matter.

Gypsy Soup
(vegan), a moroccan-inspired spiced tomato/sweet potato based vegetable soup and Chicken Vindaloo Stew are the soups today.

The Torpedo is making a much awaited return today - spicy Italian sausage, Michael's homemade peperonata sauce and aged provolone cheese stuffed into a ciabatta sub roll.

Have a good one and see you guys tomorrow.


Peta said...

But back to coffee... Not nearly as much fun as imbibing in the ambiance of Carma's Cafe, but grinding Carma's coffee bean blend at home for morning java is pretty fantastic!