Wednesday, March 11, 2009

How to eat your veggies

Happy Hump Day! And for soup today we have mildly seasoned Chicken Vindaloo Stew, a chicken and potato stew that borrows it spicing from a very popular (and fiery) Indian dish. We also have Pumpkin Black Bean Soup (vegan).

Panini specials are the Apple Alexander, Granny Smith apple, brie and honey and the Virginian, ham, turkey, havarti and whole seed dijon. Both are grilled on a ciabtta sub roll.

CSA Blog Entry 2.0
Aaron, the tall guy with gaming tats, belonged to a CSA last season and was really blown away by the variety and quality of his produce. But more than once during the growing season he was presented with something he had never cooked before and came to me for suggestions.

So I was thinking this blog would be a great place to share recipes, preserving how-to and general inspiration on how to maximize your CSA haul. Step one is planning, so to that end here is One Straw Farm's harvest schedule.

Harvest Chart

Qty June July Aug Sept Oct Nov
Arugula 1 bunch x

x x
Beets 1 bunch x x x x x x
Bok Choy 1 head

x x
Broc /Caulif 1 head

x x
Beans 1 Qt
x x

Cabbage 1 head x x

x x
Chards- 1 bunch x x x x x x
Collards 1 bunch x x x x x x
Cucumbers 3pieces x x x x

Dandelion 1 bunch x

x x x
Eggplant 1-4 pices
x x x

Flowers 1 bunch x x x x x x
Hard Squash 1 piece

x x x
Herbs 1 bunch x x x x x x
Kale 1 bunch x x x x x x
Lettuce l head x x
x x x
Onions 1 Qt x x x x x x
Peppers-Sweet 3 pieces
x x x x
Peppers-Hot 1 pint
x x x x x
Potatoes 1 Qt
x x x x x
Radishes 1 bunch x

x x x
Snap Peas 1 Qt x

Spinach 1 bunch x

x x
Squash- Yellow 2-4 pcs x x x x

Strawberries 1 pint x

Tomatoes-Salad 4-6 pcs

x x x
-Roma 10-12 pcs

x x x
-Heirloom 1-2 pcs

x x

Watermelon 1 piece

x x

Zucchini 2-4 pcs x x x x x