Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fresh produce without getting your hands dirty

Good morning. We have some Potato Leek Soup (really, the best I've ever made) and Veggie Chili. I am making a batch of Vindaloo Stew, a spicy chicken stew based on a classic Indian dish and Kasey has started a pot of Pumpkin and Black Bean Soup (vegan).

Today I've starting looking into buying some of our produce from a local and organic source - One Straw Farm. A lot of you probably know Drew and Joan from the Waverly Farmers Market. One of the ways you and your family can enjoy fresh, organic, locally grown veggies is to purchase a share in the OSF Community Supported Agriculture program (know as a CSA). I just heard from Joan that the early sign-up discount has been extended to March 15th, so for a outrageously reasonable price you can get produce from the first week of June to the middle of November!

CSAs are really a win, win situation. By purchasing a share in advance, the farmer is receiving payment ahead of the growing season (a time when they are incurring a lot of their expenses) and the consumer is receiving the very highest quality produce at a substantial savings.

The items vary according to season, but Joan and Drew say that one share will feed a family of four their veggies for a week and maybe even have some left over to share or preserve for winter. And half shares are available!

I've gotten so excited just writing about it I'm going to their website and sign up for my personal half share right now.