Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Flavors Added

We have Kasey's great Turkey Guacamole sandwich and The Greenhouse - our Powerhouse sandwich plus quacamole (when you've got good guacamole spread it around, right?). And the Spicy Jack Panino with turkey, very spicy pepper cheese, grilled red onion and zebra sauce is also available.

Just wanted to mention we've added a few new Monin flavors - Pomegranate, O'Free Strawberry and O'Free Peach. The O'Free syrups are made with Spenda® and, like all the flavored syrups, are great for sweetening and adding flavor to iced tea. You can also add a shot of flavor to lemonade (Strawberry Lemonade has been very popular), a San Pelligrino or any other drink we serve. To make things more interesting, consider combining flavors for a unique thirst quincher.