Friday, June 12, 2009

Welcoming a new neighbor

We have White Bean and Kale Soup, Gazpacho and the Curried Tuna Salad Parmesan Sandwich today.

Not much to report except my trip to the new Ace Hardware store in Waverly. Truth is, this is about the fourth or fifth time I've "stopped in". How handy is it to have such a well stocked store so close?! If you haven't been in - do. It's in that great old municipal building on the 32nd Street side of Giant - formerly the Blockbuster Video store.

They carry a nice selection of housewares, as well as a bit of gardening, grilling, plumbing, electrical, fasteners/hooks, tools, paint....... and the list goes on. There is a lot of good stuff tucked into a relatively small place (remind you of anywhere else in the neighborhood?).

Yesterday I went in to find eye hooks to repair a chair and noticed they have a very respectable little canning/freezing supplies section. The only thing missing was my favorite freezer jars and the staff was so helpful (and very friendly and polite too) I'm encouraging the store manager to get them. What I was really excited to find was this great little set of tools, very reasonably priced at $20.99. It is really all you need to get started provided you own a pot that is at least 8 inches deep and have some canning jars.

So if you are tempted to join me in preserving summer's bounty get yourself over to Ace Hardware and pick up the Presto 7 Function Canning Kit. They also have a larger set that includes a canning pot and rack which is really necessary if you are going to be putting up larger quantities of food and using quart size or larger jars.

Oh yes, and they also have the bright yellow recycling bins in both sizes.