Tuesday, July 27, 2010

CSA Weekly Update

Another CSA report. This week I didn't even bother picking up the produce at Cromwell Valley CSA. One large share was (once again) one quart of purslane, one pound of lamb's quarters, 2 small heads of garlic and one squash. Seriously, folks. One single, individual summer squash. You know the jokes about zucchini plants, right? One healthy plant will feed half of the neighborhood. Mothers grate them up and sneak them in pancakes just to get rid of them. Did I mention I paid $650 for this aggravation?! The disbelief is behind me, anger and bargaining got me nowhere. Somewhere between depression and acceptance, grieving for the hands-on csa experience I had hoped for.

This past week I posted a very civil comment on their facebook wall suggesting interns should not be left to face frustrated members alone and recommended a member of the board make themselves available during pick-ups. My post was censured - removed from the wall.

Oh well, let this be the wall of shame.

On a much happier note, look what I picked up from One Straw Farm! And across the way is Three Springs Fruit Farm and I got super delicious white donut peaches. My face is all sticky and sweet from munching them right out of the bag.

Usually when I pick up the csa it is for the cafe so I tend to get a lot of only one or two items. This week I decided to eat the share so you could appreciate the nice selection of veggies available. And welcome to my back porch! By the way, Carma's Cafe, One Straw Farm, Three Springs Fruit Farm and Cromwell Valley CSA all have facebook pages as well as websites and/or blogs.

Rainbow Chard (1 bunch)
Onions (3)
Gorgeous Eggplants (3)
Yellow Squash (2 portions=9)
Cucumbers (3)
Tomatillos (pint)
Tomatoes (4)