Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wednesday Specials

Today we're doing the Spicy Jack (and Spicy Jeremy, the veggie version) turkey, habanero jack cheese, zebra sauce and caramelized onions.

Sorry but the CSA update will be tomorrow. I'm having technical difficulties getting the photos from my phone on to the 'puter. Meanwhile, the veggies for Spicy Summer Squash Bread and Butter Pickles are salted, weighted and draining; the Damson Preserves are cooking; and a big pot of hot water is on for their hot water baths (canning).

Did I mention the HUGE bottles of gin and spiced dark rum I picked up yesterday to make infused liquors? The fine folks at Beltway Liquor are always so helpful. After listening to my plans for the hooch, the salesman took time to explain his recommendations. I had no idea that in a number of cases, the same distilleries produce a "top rail" spirit and a generic "call liquor" that is less expensive. That was my learn something new every day for yesterday.