Saturday, April 25, 2009

Everyone is at the party but me :-(

Our panini special today is the Spicy Jack - turkey, a very spicy pepper colby cheese, grilled red onions and a bit of tiger sauce.

Soups are the U.S. Senate Bean Soup - white beans and country ham ("fresh" from Smithfield country!), as well as Veggie Chili and Chili Con Carne.

The first Spring Fair I can remember when it hasn't rained (of course the day's not out yet) and I'm in the kitchen fixing lunch for 60 voracious teenagers. I thought we had a mountain of food, clearly more than was needed, then Michael reminded me these were teenage boys. Ah yes, I remembered my brother Jonathan's appetite and doubled the number of meatballs and mac & cheese. He didn't eat a bowl of cereal or even a large bowl of cereal. He ate a box of cereal. Now to be fair to Jonathan, the boy was burning fuel. Not only was he a growing boy, but it was not unusual for him to bike 50 miles.

Today it is our pleasure to be fixing lunch for Mentoring Male Teens in the Hood, a 501(c)3 organization that mentors young men between the ages of 8 and 18. One of our very regular customers brought this group to our attention, and I encourage you to visit their website and see if this isn't something you would like to support as well. Money is always needed, but time and talents are also critical to mentoring organization.