Saturday, April 18, 2009

From the road.....

After driving all night and spending some quality time with a dear friend, I've arrived in Roanoke, Virginia in the heart of the New River Valley. Spring is well underway here with plum blossoms providing a riot of color along I-81. It took four separate stops this morning to find coffee and breakfast. We finally decided to "divide & conquer" having breakfast at a truck stop and picking up coffee from a local roaster Mill Mountain Coffee & Tea (it seems they may be having some trouble with their website. Sorry there is no link.). A very respectable four shot red eye finally set my day on the right path. Thanks to the very nice staff for allowing me to photograph inside of the coffeehouse.

This week I'm away from the Cafe getting some rather tedious paperwork done for the Baltimore City Health Department, the infamous HACCP Plan. See how hard I'm working?

In an effort to maintain some balance I also packed a bit of work-related reading and healthy munchies (ignore the knitting bags! really, where did they come from?).

I've pretty much stranded myself in this hotel room, but why don't you enjoy a walking tour of Downtown Roanoke? In the mean time, and with all due respect to the locals, don't feel too bad for me. I'm having a great time and the best coffee in town is right at hand.....