Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Strengths and Greater Strengths

Today's soup is Cauliflower Pistachio and to tell you how good it is - someone bought a quart this morning at 7:30 am before it was even started! Brad is a big fan of the CP and purchases it in quantity every time it's on the menu. We also still have African Peanut Soup - I am so tickled that you guys have really taken to this.

For sandwich specials we have a Mediterranian Tuna Salad - a traditional tuna salad made with olive tapanade, marinated artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, Italian herbs and mayonnaise. The TCB - turkey, cranberry and brie and Apple Alexander - Granny Smith apple, honey and brie grilled on a ciabatta sub roll is also available.

Yesterday I was talking to a customer about the African Peanut Soup and referred to it as "one of Michael's soups" and she asked if there were certain soups that each of us made. In general, people are always curious about the soups. I think that is partially because we make them from scratch and have gotten a bit of a reputation for having really good soups and that we serve a broad range from comfort food to the more exotic.

I'll pick up on this subject later. Right now I have to see a man about a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Plan. Sounds like fun, huh?