Saturday, May 30, 2009

Blue skys and blueberries

'Morning guys. Today we have two very special French Toast Casseroles. The Red, White & Blueberry which is made with a lovely sweet broche studded with cranberries and blueberries then I swirled in a sweet cream and fresh blueberry filling. We also have the original Cafe Grand Marnier French Toast. And especially for Max, I made a batch of Chocolate Chip Muffins this morning. You just couldn't imagine how good the place smells right now!

Today is Becca's big graduation party and we are putting on quite the spread for her. She will be attending Tulane this fall so there is a Cajun/Creole spin to the food. The red beans and rice simmered all night, the gumbo is slowing bubbling, the Texas Caviar is marinating and ......

Well it just doesn't seem fair to go on about all the great food I'm not making for you. Just keep in mind that we're available for your big occasion or just a special dinner party party. Every event starts with us sitting down for a drink and talking about what you want.