Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ce que nous avons fait pour vous....

African Peanut Soup (vegan) and Broccoli Cheddar Chowder (vegetarian).

The sandwich special is Spicy Jack - turkey, very spicy pepper cheese, grilled red onions and zebra sauce.

We also have a salad special - Belgian Endive Salad with Apples, Walnuts, Tamari Almonds, and Sourdough Crostini.

Sunday we had a birthday party at the Cafe for Mlle. Julia, the 7-year old daughter of my friend Tracy. A couple of years after Tracy and I met, she moved to Besançon and while there met and married her husband. They now live in Northern Virginia and have two lovely daughters - Mlles. Sophia and Julia. Naturally their family has a tendre for France and Julia requested a french theme for her seventh birthday party.

Convenient her mother's friend own a very European-like cafe, mais non? The Ooh la la Birthday Party was quit the production. There were pate choux with chicken salad, nutella crepes, little pink finger sandwiches, Eiffel tower cookies, decoupage, a fashion show and a scavenger hunt at the BMA. It was a huge success and the cafe was left covered in glitter. As for the birthday cake.....well, we all know what a passion the French have for art. And although they are not all frenchmen, they are all great artists whose works hang in the Louvre.

With apologies to van Gogh, Matisse and Picasso.