Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dashing between the rain drops

Today's sandwich special is BBQ Chicken with Provolone and Grilled Veggies. We also have the Spicy Jack - turkey, very spicy pepper cheese and zebra sauce.

Pumpkin Black Bean (vegan) and Sausage Corn Chowder are in the soup kettle.

And I'm trying to get a pan of Granny Duff's Mac & Cheese in the oven.

ETA: Definitely getting Granny's Mac & Cheese in the oven before lunch! This is a different kind of macaroni and cheese from the one I normally serve at the Cafe. Our "regular" Mac & Cheese is based on the classic bechamel sauce and cheese is melted into the white sauce to create a smooth cheese sauce. The traditional southern macaroni and cheese is based on an egg custard. The cheese is mixed or layered with the pasta, then an egg custard is poured over the whole thing, a bit more cheese is added to the top and the casserole is baked. This dish was a staple at every family gathering when I was growing up (and still is as a matter of fact). I hope you enjoy it.