Thursday, May 14, 2009

Come for an iced coffee - it's Thirstday

Badump bump.

It's my day off, but the staff is being optimistic and has made Gazpacho today. If you haven't tried the gazpacho yet you really should. Before Michael came up with this recipe (influenced by a recipe from the Andalusian region of Spain) I imagined gazpacho to be not much more than V-8® juice served in a bowl. Carma's Cafe gazpacho is akin to a very wet chopped salad and is crunchy and refreshing.

When I checked-in Aaron was cooking up the last of the Falafel. So while it lasts we still have the Falafel Platter and Falafel Sandwich. The Spicy Jack - turkey, very spicy pepper cheese, grilled red onions and zebra sauce - is also available.

Today is my planning day for a tres chic birthday party for a special soon-to-be-seven year year old - Mlle. Julia.